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Philosophy & Curriculum

Being a Kid’s World Preschooler means just being a child in a child’s world of learning to play and playing

to learn.

Kid’s World curriculum is guided and taught by a qualified staff of directors and teachers dedicated to

the ongoing care and development of the children who attend our campus year-round. Low teacher

turnover in our Preschool enables Kid’s World to offer a high quality education articulated from one

age level to the next in the Preschool setting.

The Kid’s World Preschool program offers young children the opportunity to learn and develop in a

secure, creative and stimulating environment. Our focus is on activity-based learning, planned

around the growing child’s need for learning through experiences. For the Kid’s World Preschooler,

that includes the counting, sorting and graphing that we do with our math collections and treasures.

It includes playtime learning that all young children enjoy with paints, puppets, music, and outside play

on an age appropriate playground. Singing and dancing are part of the important fun learning

experience too and are included in Circle and Story time.

At Kid’s World Preschool we believe that a child who has a successful early childhood education

will be able to benefit from:

A more positive self-image

Enjoying social interactions

Making new friends

Learning self-help skills

Discovering, creating and learning new things

Learning readiness skills and ease the transition to Kindergarten

Having a happy, healthy growing mind